We’re all about creating success for your brand with great work that works.

Actively Different

So different we would prefer to hear about your company needs than talk about us.

Action Oriented

We let our creative thinking and our work do the talking.

Result Driven

Direct Marketers at heart, we create ideas that are measured every step of the way.


this is who we are.

Strategically clever, creatively minded and measured all the way.

We love the fact that we aren’t your ‘normal’ advertising agency.
The bells and whistles are in our offering and not in our office fitout. There’s no high ceilings, fancy foyers or bikes hanging on walls. Our office is anywhere and everywhere. We believe in going where the work is, spending time in our clients office, supporting local coffee shops, pop up spaces and existing in the virtual ‘office’ world. Anywhere we can fit a latptop, a layout pad and packet of Sharpie Markers is where you’ll find us.

We champion ideas.
By getting back to the basics of what makes great marketing and advertising. Direct Marketers at heart we approach every brief with a clear understanding of the business problem, what is needed to solve it, and what return on investment is needed for the campaign to be a success. Leading with creative and strategy we set the foundations right from the word go, accessorising along the way with the right research, insights and people to create ideas, product innovations and campaigns.

Our Process

Brand Discovery


Creative Strategy












Our team is more like a global community.

A community that allows us to bring in the right specialists for solving whatever project you have. There’s no retro fitting of skills, only experts in their chosen field. And who you meet are the faces you will see from the beginning of a project to the end and hopefully beyond.

Our talent is from all over the world. People we’ve worked with, been inspired by and who bring a little pizzaz into the room.


Collaboration is at the Heart of Everything We Do

Our process is very simple. Creating a seamless and collaborative eco system for everyone involved, having the right conversations with the right people, to arrive at a creative solution faster.

Great partners are hard to come by so when we stumble on great we tend to hang on to them. Our partners challenge ideas, pull them apart and question their worth to make sure the idea is not simply good, it’s brilliant.

We partner with the Best in the Field


We Never Stop Learning, Thinking or Doing

How we bring an idea to life is as important as the idea itself. Giving it relevence to a particular audience, across any channel.



At Agency3 we believe all our work has to work. And to us that means a combination of great strategy, creative development and campaign success. As a new agency we are working on some exciting projects that will be posted soon.

The Meeting Ground

Welcome to our melting pot of innovations, ideas and talent. A foundation of amazingly passionate people wanting to do something that truly changes the way people and brands behave for the better of the world.The most beautiful work comes from those who haven’t been bent into shape by rules and that’s one of the reasons why this entire website supports local and interantional talent. Promoting their images, designs and inovations for clients to get excited about.


One of our Contributors

We would like to thank Belinda Rudd Seher and the good moose of sandpoint for providing images for the website. Belinda is a photographer that swapped living in 40 degree Sydney heat to living in minus temperatures in remote USA. In her time there she has been able to capture the stunning North American landscape and wildlife.


Our Office

At agency 3, we believe in going where the work is. Anywhere we can fit a laptop, a layout pad and packet of sharpie markers is where you’ll find us

So why not send us an email or if you want to speak to someone you can call our Creative Founder - Sandy Rudd on 0409019489.

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